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Setting Up

the One Button Studio

Important Update #1

Some users have experienced issues with the BlackMagic Desktop Video software, which results in a blank screen in the OBS or the error “H.264 device is not connected. Please check the connection.” As a fix, please download and install BlackMagic Desktop Video version 10.11 (14 Jun 2018), which is the latest version known to work without issue.

BlackMagic Software

Important Update #2

With Apple updating their Mac mini hardware – as well as macOS to Mojave – there have been many system changes that have not been fully tested. If you are using a 2019 Mac mini, Mojave is installed by default and cannot be reverted to an earlier macOS version.

Unfortunately, since we have not been able to fully test this hardware on macOS Mojave, there may be several unexpected issues when configuring the One Button Studio and related software. Much of this is dependent on Apple communicating with these software companies to ensure compatibility, and is out of Penn State’s hands.

We will be sure to update as we know more, and as we are able to test everything further.

Important Update #3

Since the original USB button for the One Button Studio has been discontinued, we have come up with a temporary alternative. Please see onebutton.psu.edu/temporary-button/ for instructions on where to purchase, and how to configure the button.

Get the Guides

Download the setup guide in either PDF or iBooks formats and the equipment guide, now available as a live updating Google doc. The iBook version of the setup guide includes setup videos and interactive features (but requires a Mac or iOS device with the iBooks app to access these features).

Preparing for Your Installation

Penn State partners who are working with the One Button Studio support team from Media Commons will want to look over this checklist ahead of their installation date to ensure that everything is in place – and make for a quick and successful set up visit.

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